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Unwanted Medicines Disposal

It is not safe to put unwanted/expired medicine in domestic bins.

Disposal of unwanted medicines is a free service available to the public. You can drop off any prescription or over the counter to be disposed of safely.

Why is it important to dispose of drugs safely?

There are several reasons why unwanted medicine disposal shouldn’t happen in a domestic setting.

Firstly, the drug itself may pose a risk to the environment should it end up in a landfill.

Each year, large quantities of unused and expired medications are dumped into bins or flushed down toilets and sinks.  The effects on the environment and human health are unclear but the evidence is pointing to the presence of chemicals from prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in the soil, drinking water and the surrounding environment.

Secondly, drugs may potentially get misused, whether that’s in the form of drug abuse or a toddler accidentally rummaging in the rubbish.  Your medicines cabinet is safe whereas a black bin bag isn’t.

Likewise keeping old or expired medicines also poses a risk of taking the wrong drug.  This is especially risky for older people whose eyesight may be poor.

What is drug stockpiling?

Every year the NHS wastes over £300 million on unused prescription medicines.  This is when people request medication they don’t need and end up with a stockpile of medication. 

Stockpiling is also dangerous as there is a possibility of mixing your new medicines with your old ones and stockpiling is also a safety risk to children and others who might take them accidentally.

What happens to unwanted medicine?

A pharmacy cannot reuse any medicine you return. 

The drugs will be destroyed by a specialist waste management company.

How do I use the unwanted medicines disposal service?

There are items which we can and cannot accept for disposal.  

It is vitally important that you Look Here and take out what we cannot accept.

Please speak to a member of staff, or get in touch, before you bring your expired or unused medicines into the pharmacy.

Happy Customers

What our customers say

“Thank you Staveley Pharmacy for the way in which you dealt with my dad’s prescription following our call to NHS111.  It was very much appreciated.”

A Hames

“Didn’t have my prescription in stock due to suppliers being out of stock, so rang round other chemists in the area. When no luck the owner rang GP to get the prescription changed for a similar alternative. Stayed open late whilst waiting for GP to get back in touch. Incredible service and very much appreciated thank you.”

M Wardle

“Prompt and organised team, a huge and valuable range of services, from medication to health checks, and equipment. Staveley Pharmacy is most valued by the District nursing team.”

F Burrill
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